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We all know the spring is a popular time to list your home..but now may be the perfect time to list!!

Here are some selling strategies to help you whether you decide to list in prime time or the off season:

• Instead of being determined to list your home in spring or fall it might be a better strategy to watch the market.  It is not always going to pay off to list your home in the winter but if you see that there is very little competition in your subdivision in the winter then it may be worth listing your home to test the market.

• As a general rule I like the strategy of listing a home in February if I’m trying to hit the spring market.  It gets me in the market before the competition ramps up and it gives me more time to take advantage of the increased activity period.  I also have the advantage that my homes are in the very top condition and I typically benefit from being compared to a greater number of homes.

• If you are determined to go after that spring market, make sure your home shows well. It is rarely cost affective to do big ticket remodeling to your home.  New kitchens and bathrooms rarely pay for themselves.  However, in the spring market it is typically advisable to get your home freshened up with new paint and carpet.  Most important, go through your home and take care of all the little maintenance issues you’ve neglected over the years and declutter.

• The rule with selling real estate is there are no rules.  National and even regional real estate statistics are meaningless.  What really matters is your subdivision and the competition therein at a specific time.  Do a little extra research, remain open minded and flexible and the real estate market might reward you.


We would love to do a real estate review to determine the best time to list your home according to your neighborhood. Give us a call today! (479) 225-6995